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In the Emptiness

As with the loss of my parents, the Covid-19 disaster has left me empty in solitude again. I went to the park I used to visit as a child and started to create again, struggling to remember my wishes for the future at that time. 

Gradually the past and the future became connected as I searched for naked sense with neither distortion nor focus.

In the Emptiness_02.jpg
In the Emptiness_03.jpg
In the Emptiness_04.jpg
In the Emptiness_05.jpg
In the Emptiness_06.jpg
In the Emptiness_07.jpg
In the Emptiness_08.jpg
In the Emptiness_09.jpg
In the Emptiness_10.jpg
In the Emptiness_11.jpg
In the Emptiness_12.jpg
In the Emptiness_01.jpg
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