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About me

Motoko Sato


Motoko Sato was born the daughter of a botanical artist, Sato Hiroki. He taught her to respect nature. Since she was 12 years old, she had learned paintings under the sculptor for 10 years. One day, she came across Alberto Giacometti’s artworks which had awakened her to the fine arts. After her graduation from Musashino Art University, she started her career as an art teacher and taught art at a public school in Tokyo for 38 years. For 14 of those years, she cared for her parents until the end of their lives. After a long life dedicated to art education and caring for her parents, she chose photography as her medium of expression, convinced that the value of life lies in looking deeply at the other person at this moment, in this place.


Solo Exhibition
・2019 “La Resonancia” OLYMPUS PULAZA TOKYO (Tokoyo, JAPAN)
・2018 “Les Cadeaux” GALLERY JALONA (Tokyo, JAPAN)

Group Exhibition
・2020 ERARTA MUSEUM (St.Petersburg,RUSSIA)
・2020 The BID/ArtSpace (Pesaro, Italy)
・2019 SHATTO GALLERY (Los Angeles, U.S.A)
・2019 “Novosibirsk International Festival of Contemporary Photography” (Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) 

 佐 藤 素 子





・2019 “La Resonancia” OLYMPUS PLAZA TOKYO(東京)
・2018 “Les Cadeaux” Gallery JALONA(東京)

・2020 Erarta Museum(サンクトペテルスブルグ、ロシア)
・2020 The BID/Art Space(ペサーロ、イタリア) 
・2019 Shatto Gallery(ロサンゼルス、アメリカ)
・2019 “Novosibirsk International Festival of contemporary Photography”(ノボシビルスク、ロシア)

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