Dialogue avec L'invisible

   I don’t seek beautiful gradation, but I seek tension of black and white. Sometimes I feel like a scrating lines of etching. I love the sculptor’s drawing better than the painter’s drawing.Because I started to learn painting from a sculptor for 10 years, when I was a junior high school student. I feel a sculptor, their black and white are shaping each other existence in space.

   There are the same about black and white, light and darkenss, existence and no, birth and death. Every opposite things are creating their existence each other. Photographs are expressed visually. However they express not just visual, but all sence, emotions, intentions and existence. Human being is apart of nature, also spirit is a part of nature. I want to resonate with someone’s sorrow and grief by my photographs.

   there are trees,  as trees are.

They seem to tell you that you can live as you are.

I pray that everyone can live as they are.

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