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Botanical Artist     Hiroki Sato  ( 1925 ~ 1998 )

My father was a botanical artist.
I made this page for the future of my father's work.


1925 Born in Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture.
         Graduated from Kagawa Prefectural Art College
         of Architecture.

1950 Go to Tokyo as the illustrator.
         He draws for numerous encyclopedias,  
         newspapers, magazines, and certified

1970 Joined the founding of the Japan Botanical Arts
         Association, which has been held every year in

1986 He became the chief professor of "Plant Painting
         Course", a correspondence course hosted by the
         Japan Horticultural Society.
         He has taught many botanical arts courses
         throughout Japan.

1994 Received the "International Arts and Culture
         Award" for contributing to the establishment and
         improvement and development of botanical art
         from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Culture. 

1998 Passed in August.

新諸国物語 紅孔雀 (昭和30年1月).jpg
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